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Pinjaman Peribadi MBSB

MBSB Personal Financing

Malaysia Building Society BhdMBSB is a company incorporated under the companies ACT 1965 and is a scheduled institution as defined under the Banking and Financial Institution Act 1989 (BAFIA).

MBSB is aggressively scouting for talents to beef up its corporate business as part of its growth strategy, a move analysts views as a step closer to becoming a full-fledged bank.

Most development projects we will come across MBSB as one of the commercial property financing providers. MBSB provides other services other than home loans such as Home financing,Personal Loan, Auto Financing and Bancassurance.

MBSB provides financing based on Variable Rate and Fixed Rate to suit client’s needs.

Brief information of Personal Financing-i

Basing on the Islamic Banking concept, MSBS provides Islamic personal financing solutions through our host of attractive packages that best suit customer’s needs.

  • Competitive profit rates
  • Up to 4 hours disbursement
  • Payment period up to 10 years
  • No guarantor required
  • No hidden charges
  • Available in Fixed Rate and Variable Rate packages
  • Open to Government and Non-Government employees

MBSB provides many repayment options for customers to ease their loan repayment by linking with monthly instalment via Biro Angkasa (Biro) or Attorney General (AG) or Employer Salary Deduction or Over-the-counter.Each financing approved will be within the terms and conditions agreed by MBSB and customer.

To apply for MSBS financing customer interested must provide the details stated below:

  • Photocopy of MyKad
  • Latest 3 month’s salary slip
  • Confirmation Letter from Employer
  • Bank Account Statement
  • Any other latest supporting documents if required
  • Financing packages by MBSB differs based Government /Selected Companies and Private Sector Companies.Government and Selected Companies that have tie-up with MBSB
    • Financing amount up to RM400,000
    • Profit rate as low as 3.15%
    • Takaful Coverage
    • Open to all Malaysian citizen aged 19 years old and not exceeding 60 years upon expiry of facility or opted retirement age, whichever comes first
    • Monthly Installment via Biro or AG or Employer Salary Deduction

    Private Sector Companies

    Open for employees of Public Listed Companies, GLC, State GLC, Multi-National Corporation, Education Sector Companies and its subsidiaries.

    Malaysian citizen aged of 21 years and not exceeding 60 years upon expiry of facility or opted retirement age, whichever comes first Executive level and above with minimum income of RM3,500.

    • Financing amount up to RM300,000
    • Profit rate as low as 4.88% fixed rate equivalent depending on tenure
    • Takaful Coverage
    • Monthly Installment via payment over-the-counter