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Pinjaman Peribadi CIMB

CIMB is one of the  biggest bank in Malaysia offering various financial products such as mortgages and loans. Here are some of the personal loans that are offered by CIMB Bank and CIMB Islamic.

CIMB Xpress Cash Financing-i

This personal loan is offered as Islamic banking compliant loan. This loan features a quick loan approval and money disbursements. A loan applicant will know their loan status within 24 hours of loan application. This is good for borrowers who are in urgent need of cash. A borrower can finance from a minimum of RM 3,000 up to a maximum of RM 100,000 with longest repayment of  5 years with this loan. Xpress Cash Financing-i is unsecured therefore no guarantor and collateral is needed.

There are a few interest rates tier of CIMB Xpress Cash Financing-i

  • 6.88% p.a for financing from RM 50,000 to RM 100,000
  • 9.88% p.a for financing from RM 25,0000 to RM 49,000
  • 13.38% p.a for financing from RM 3,000 to RM 24,000

Do bear in mid that the amount that you can borrow would depends on your monthly salary. Typically 5 months gross salary would the the maximum financing in Malaysia. Loan repayment must be with automatic standing instructions.


This loan is free from processing fees. A 0.5% stamp duty is applicable which is based on loan amount. Takaful insurance is compulsory with the loan.


This loan is valid for a single applicant while a borrower will need to be from 21 years old to 60 years old. The monthly salary requirement is RM 800 and this is considered one of the lowest entry salary requirement in Malaysia. Borrower will need to have a minimum of 6 months employment while the loan is only open to Malaysian citizens and Permanent Residents only.


Do prepare a photocopy of your IC ( Front and back), 3 months most recent salary slip, Most recent EPF statement and employment confirmation letter.